Bench Top Process Mass Spectrometer

Prima BT Process MS

The Prima BT is a state-of-the-art, multi-stream magnetic sector mass spectrometer that offers exceptional precision and reliability. It is an ideal choice for process development labs and a variety of analytical applications.

Last updated: May 15, 2023

Prima BT Bench Top Process Mass Spectrometer

Fast and precise gas analysis solution

The Thermo Scientific™ Prima BT Bench Top Process Mass Spectrometer is a powerful industrial laboratory gas analyser designed to provide real-time process gas analysis in a process development laboratory environment. This high-precision, multi-port magnetic sector analyser offers robust performance even in the presence of off-gases and vapours that have the potential to contaminate internal vacuum components.

One of the primary features of the Prima BT mass spectrometer is its scanning magnetic-sector technology, which provides high analytical precision, accuracy, and stability. The laminated magnet and flat-topped peak profile enable high scanning speeds, making it an ideal choice for laboratories that require continuous operation and accurate gas composition measurements.

Another key feature of the Prima BT is its 16-port Rapid Multistream Sampler (RMS), which allows for the selection of 1 to 16 streams and sets new standards for speed and reliability of multi-stream sampling and maintenance intervals. Stream settling times are application dependent and user-configurable, providing flexibility in use.

The Prima BT also includes a six-port automatic calibration manifold, which simplifies the calibration process and ensures consistent, reproducible measurements.

The Prima BT is highly versatile, with available inlet system options including stepper motor-controlled Rapid Multi-stream Sampling (RMS), single point solenoid inlet, and single point continuous inlet. This versatility makes it an ideal choice for laboratories with diverse gas analysis needs.

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Technical Specifications*
*Subject to change without notice
Ion sourceEnclosed electron impact with dual filaments, temperature controlled
Settable over range 120-200°C, to ± 0.1°C
Analyser typeScanning, laminated electromagnet, 6 cm radius, 80° deflection
Mass rangeAdjustable, default is 1-150 amu at 1000 eV ion acceleration voltage.
At 750 eV ion acceleration voltage, mass range is 1-200 amu.
ResolutionSwitchable between two collector resolving slits, resolving powers of 60 (1mm) and 20 (4 mm) are standard.
Optionally 140/85 (0.36 mm/0.69 mm) or 100/45 (0.56 mm/1.45 mm) or 140/45 (0.36 mm/1.45 mm) may be fitted.
Mass scale stabilityMeasured at mass 28 < 0.013 amu over 24 hours
Peak shapeAt 60 resolution, the ratio of the width of the flat-top (99% height width) to the base peak width (5% height width) 0.5
Abundance sensitivity<250 ppm for 27/28 amu
DetectorFaraday and optional Faraday/SEM dual detector
InletTemperature controlled micro-capillary with Molecular leak and bypass (standard configuration)
Vacuum systemTurbo-molecular pump and external rotary pump Alternatively, turbo-molecular Pump and internal diaphragm pump
Sample flowDigitally measured and recorded for each stream for any instrument with RMS option
Precision<0.1% relative (typical, application dependent) external rotary pump
Linearity<1% relative over a decade change in concentration (typical, application dependent)
Dynamic range10 ppb – 100% (theoretical, application dependent) external rotary pump only
Stability<1% relative over 1 week (typical, application dependent)
Power requirements115 Vac (±5Vac) or 230 Vac (±10 Vac)
Physical dimensions52 cm (20.5") H × 79 cm (31.1") W × 47 cm (18.5") D
100 kg (200lbs) configuration dependent

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