Customised solutions

We provide customised solutions adapted to your current laboratory setting or process plants. We adapt the solutions to accommodate the analyser to the given process conditions. The solutions range from the design of a stainless steel adapter to complete sample conditioning systems.

Offgas analysis

Sample conditioning system for offgas analysis

We adapt the solutions to accommodate how the fermenters are set up in relation to the location of the analyser.

Between the process and the fermentation offgas analyser, the sample needs to be filtered and controlled to protect the analyser.

In the sample lines, when above 5 metres in length, we supply heated tubing bundles where the offgas is kept above the dewpoint.

We provide automatic FlowSplit solutions to control the offgas flow, ensuring a constant flow into the analyser inlet, e.g., below 1 l/min.

For GMP applications, we base the system design on the actual User Requirement Specification (URS). We generate a customised protocol for FAT, SAT and/or IQ/OQ. We can execute the qualification protocols onsite at the same time as installation. We also provide training of personnel in maintenance of the equipment.

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Need a custom solution?

At CultiXcell, we have the expertise to design, manufacture, install, qualify and service a customised solution for your analyser and your process.

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