Bio-reflectance sensor

Optura Spy

The Optura Spy is a highly flexible and advanced online biomass monitor that utilises bio-reflectance technology, allowing real-time, non-contact cell density readings across various applications from lab to cGMP environments.

Last updated: June 26, 2024

Optura Spy

Versatile bioprocess biomass monitor

As part of the Optura range, the Optura Spy offers real-time, non-contact readings, eliminating the need for sampling and reducing the risk of contamination.

Its bio-reflectance technology, combined with the patented bubble filter algorithm, ensures accurate and consistent results, free from false readings caused by bubbles in the reactor.

The Optura Spy emits near-infrared (NIR) light into the medium, which gets reflected by the cells present in the medium and returned to the detector on the sensor face. By analysing the intensity of the detected light, the Optura Spy accurately measures the total cell density, which can be easily calibrated to match familiar offline readings. Its fixed NIR wavelength has been thoughtfully chosen to ensure optimal responsiveness across a wide range of cell concentrations, from seeding to harvest.

With its adaptability and versatility, the Optura Spy can be effortlessly used in various applications, from benchtop reactors to tubing in recirculation loops or downstream processing.

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