Biomass amplifier

Standard Remote Futura

The Standard Remote Futura is a crucial component of the FUTURA system, serving as a head amplifier that powers the probe and facilitates the transfer of vital data for biomass measurement in smaller bioreactor systems.

Last updated: June 26, 2024

Standard Remote Futura

Head amplifier for biomass measurement

The Standard Futura is an essential component of the FUTURA system, designed to enhance bioreactor processes. This head amplifier serves as the system’s primary processing engine, driving the probe and facilitating the transfer of vital data to the desired output. Specifically designed for smaller vessels with limited head space, the Standard Remote Futura is perfectly suited for small bioreactors with working volumes as low as 100ml. Its slim and lightweight pre-amplifier allows for easy integration, even in compact setups. To maximize flexibility, the main Futura housing can be conveniently mounted at a distance from the bioreactor vessel, up to a maximum of 1 meter.

The FUTURA system itself focuses on measuring the Capacitance, an electrical property of cell suspensions, which has been linked to live biomass in academic and industrial research. By converting capacitance into live biomass readings such as Cells/ml or g/l for Spun Solids dry weight, the Standard Futura enables the quantification of biomass. Moreover, it also measures Conductivity, expressed in millisiemens per centimeter (mS/cm), which provides insights into the production or utilization of ions by the cell suspension.

In addition to the three primary hardware components, which include the sensor probe, the Futura instrument, and the communications hub, the FUTURA system is complemented by the FUTURA SCADA software, which provides advanced functions for data analysis and mining.

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Technical Specifications*
*Subject to change without notice
Frequency range50KHz to 20MHz
Measuring rangesCapacitance: 0.0 to 400 pF/cm
Conductivity: 1.0 to 40 mS/cm
(Higher ranges available with compatible probes)
Cell concentration rangeDepends on cell sizes, but typically:
Yeast (6 μm): 106 Cells/ml to 1010 Cells/ml
Bacteria (1 μm): 109 Cells/ml to 1013 Cells/ml
Animal Cell (12 μm): 105 Cells/ml to 109 Cells/ml
Plant Cell (50 μm): 103 Cells/ml to 107 Cells/ml
ResolutionResolution: 0.1 pF/cm.
Bacteria typically 2g/L dry weight or 2x109 Cells/ml for E. Coli.
Yeast or Animal Cells 0.05g/L or 1 x105 Cells/ml
The relationship of these capacitance values to biomass levels depend upon the cell type and cell line.
AccuracyBetter than ± 3% or ± 2% of the reading
StabilityBetter than ± 0.2 pF/cm at constant temperature with standard conductivity solution of ~12 mS/cm
LinearityBetter than ± 1% over 100 pF/cm
Precision<± 0.5 pF/cm, no filter active
Power supply24V DC power is typically supplied by an Aber CONNECT Hub running on 110V AC to 240V AC mains.
EnvironmentalIP65 rated ; Recommended ambient operating temperature range: 5°C to 40°C
WeightMain enclosure: 211g ; Remote enclosure: 203g

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