Probe for Diffuse Reflectance measurement

SentroProbe DR LS

Designed to be in direct contact with the product that it’s collecting spectral data from, the SentroProbe DR LS NIR is a smart probe for the measurement of diffuse reflectance in the near infrared range.

Last updated: April 10, 2023

SentroProbe DR LS

For DR measurement in NIR range

The SentroProbe DR LS NIR is a smart probe for measuring diffuse reflectance in the near infrared range. Two redundant light sources are used to directly illuminate the sample, which results in a better signal-to-noise ratio at a 5 mm spot size. Installation expenses are affordable even for lengths of up to 50 metres because the integrated illumination is connected to the SentroPAT FO using single core optical fibres.

When the probe is used in conjunction with the SentroPAT FO and set up with SentroSuite GMP, it is a complete solution that offers insightful process information, from product development to routine operation. High reliability is ensured with a dual-light source, and the optimised diode array, which takes several spectra every second, is perfect for measuring fast moving products.

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Technical Specifications*
*Subject to change without notice
TechnologyDiffuse reflectance
Light sourceTwo redundant tungsten light sources
Nominal life time14,000hrs for each bulb
Lamp powerConfigurable up to 5W
Wavelength range400 - 2500nm
Measurement spotApproximately 5mm
Detection fiberSingle core 400µm fiber optical cable
Measurement distanceDirect product contact
Probe tip diameter3/4" (19mm)
Standard lengths probe tip65mm, 100mm, 200mm, 300mm
InstallationFlexible and welded 2" hygienic flanges
RatingIP65, ATEX zone 20/21, GMP compliant

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