Multichannel diode array NIR Analyser

SentroPAT FO

Based on a diode array NIR spectrometer, the SentroPAT FO is a compact multi-purpose system for direct monitoring of a variety of unit operations during the processing of solid-dose pharmaceuticals.

Last updated: June 29, 2024


Multichannel diode array NIR Analyser

The SentroPAT FO is a versatile, robust, and reliable system that can be utilised to keep an eye on a number of unit processes when solid dosage pharmaceuticals are being processed. The NIR spectrometer diode array serves as the system’s foundation, and when the analyser is used in conjunction with any SentroProbe and set up with SentroSuite GMP, it is a complete solution that offers insightful process information from product development to routine operation.

The SentroPAT FO provides incredibly insightful information about virtually every process step, including, but is not limited to, blending, granulation, drying, and compressing. 

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Technical Specifications*
*Subject to change without notice
Sentropat analyzer
TechnologyMultiplexed Diode Array spectrometer with up to 4 measurement channels
Wavelength range1100-2100nm (full specification within 1150 - 2100nm)
Wavelength accuracy+-1nm over full specification range
System noise<50µAU RMS within 1150-2150nm at 1s measurement
Embedded PCIntel Atom based, Windows 7 professional
CommunicationEthernet (OPC, TCP/IP, SiPAT)
HousingGMP-friendly (smooth surfaces)
IP65 / NEMA4
Dimensions160 x 220 x 240mm
Operating conditions10° ... 30°C
10% ... 90% relative humidity
Spot size5mm diameter / 20mm² surface
Light source2 internal 5W bulbs for redundancy
Lamp modules user replaceable
Lifetime 14,000hrs
Internal referenceInternal micro-mechanical white reference direct behind process window
Process windowWelded in sapphire
Probe shaft3/4" (19mm) diameter, length 65, 100, 200 or 300mm
ApprovalsATEX zone 20/21, CE
Self monitoringInternal controller and sensors to monitor probe function and status
Operating conditions0° ... 80°C probe tip
Up to 150°C for CIP processes
Software interfaces
Data pre-treatmentBad spectra rejection, mathematical pre-treatments, noise monitoring
Analyzer managementHealth status monitoring, data security, user management, audit trail
Chemometric interfacesUnscrambler, SIMCA
Technology.NET based application
Communication protocolEthernet-based TCP-IP, OPC-Server, SiPAT driver

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