Compact Powder blender for NIR Applications


The SentroBlender is a compact powder blending system with integrated NIR capabilities. Achieve precise blending results, flexible sample fixation, and accelerated methods development for efficient powder mixing processes.

Last updated: July 10, 2023


NIR-enabled precision blend system

The SentroBlender is a compact powder blending system with integrated NIR capabilities. It offers precise control and configurable options for blend time or number of revolutions. With flexible sample fixation, it accommodates various sample bins or bottles. The SentroBlender streamlines NIR PAT methods development, reducing time and costs. It enables rapid completion of comprehensive Design of Experiments (DoE) with small batch sizes, minimising material usage.

The system is compatible with Sentronic PAT NIR systems for seamless method transfer. Optional glove box integration ensures safe handling of potent products. The user-friendly touch panel control allows for easy operation. The SentroBlender provides accurate and reliable blending results, enhancing efficiency and optimisation in powder mixing processes.

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Technical Specifications*
*Subject to change without notice
FlangeStandard 4" flange with 8.5mm thick sapphire
Equal to standard connection for process equipment
Sample adapterFlexible connector for different bins and bottles
Easiest replacement of sample bins
2" square bins available as accessory
Sample container sizeMax. height 175mm, max. diameter or length 124mm
ControlTouch panel for control and configuration
Process controlConfigurable for time and number of rotations
Rotation speedUp to 60 rpm
SafetyEmergency stop connected to housing / protection cover
Power supply90-260 VAC
Dimensions incl. cover (H x W x D) in mm700 x 700 x 640

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