Diode array NIR analyser

SentroPAT DA

The SentroPAT DA is a dedicated NIR analyser designed for non-invasive online monitoring of pharmaceutical powder blending. It utilises diode array technology and provides valuable process insight from product development to operations.

Last updated: June 29, 2024

SentroPAT DA

Diode-array-based NIR analyser

At the core of the SentroPAT DA is a reliable and durable InGaAs diode array spectrometer. Its high spectral resolution and wavelength accuracy, coupled with low noise, make it suitable for use in demanding applications. Its superior system-to-system comparability streamlines method transfer between different instruments. Additionally, its long-term and temperature stability are of the highest quality, supported by internal intensity and wavelength references.

It offers several key benefits, including quantitative analysis of blend constituents using chemometric models, process knowledge for blend time optimisation, elimination of conventional sampling and laboratory analysis, real-time monitoring of blend uniformity, ease-of-use and minimum maintenance, reliable measurement synchronisation to the blender rotation, easy-to-clean surfaces for use in GMP production facilities, and data integrity through embedded buffering and WiFi transmission. The system is also compatible with plant-level IT and controls via OPC-server or interfaces to SIPAT or SynTQ.

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Technical Specifications*
*Subject to change without notice
Detector512 pixel linear InGaAs array
Wavelength range1100 - 1900nm
Spectral resolution (FWHM)Approximately 10nm
Wavelength accuracy< 1nm
Wavelength reproducibility< 0.2nm
Photometric linearityFulfilling USP <1856> and EP 2.2.40 requirements
Noise - High fluxAccording to USP<1856> and E.P. 2.2.40
Noise - Low fluxAccording to USP<1856> and E.P. 2.2.40
Light source2 x 5W used redundantly for maintenance free operation for > 10 years
Data acquisition time< 1s (configurable, typically 0.5s)
Sampling interfaceNon contact, through sapphire window
Measurement spot sizeApproximately 10mm diameter
Measurement triggerSoftware controlled by 3 axis accelerometer, synchronised to blender rotation
Power supplyReplaceable Li-Ion battery, > 6 hours operation
External power supply for lab operation and recharging
EnclosureIP65 / NEMA4, cGMP conform, Aluminum anodised
Dimensions170 x 105 x 60mm (W x D x H)
Height: add 36mm for flange
CommunicationsWiFi (802.11 a/g/n)
SoftwareSentroSuite GmP, optional interfaces to SiPAT and SynTQ
ValidationSoftware integrated validation routines according USP<1856>, EP2.2.40
Service portService Connections for HDMI monitor and USB for computer peripherals
Mounting4" or 2" sanitary flange

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