Multi-angle LED spectrometer


The SPOT4Line is a multi-angle LED spectrometer that offers real-time analysis of industrial liquids, providing accurate measurements and comprehensive characterisation without the need for contact or infiltration.

Last updated: June 26, 2024


Real-time analysis of industrial liquids

SPOT4Line is an advanced multi-angle LED spectrometer designed for precise analysis of industrial liquids. This innovative solution utilizes LED technology and spectral scattering of light to reveal the digital “optical fingerprint” of the liquid, enabling real-time validation of multiple parameters. With its non-intrusive installation on pipework, SPOT4Line performs measurements without any contact, sampling, or infiltration, ensuring the integrity of the solution passing through.

The SPOT4Line optical sensor provides accurate chemical and physical characterisation of the fluid being analysed, allowing for better quality control and process optimisation. By seamlessly integrating with standard industrial control systems, SPOT4Line enables fast data transfer and continuous results in real time. SPOT4Line supports various analyses including turbidity, color and chemical concentration, temperature control, absence of contaminants detection, and even UV measurements for non-visible pollution and nanoparticles.

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Technical Specifications*
*Subject to change without notice
Spectral measurement principlePulsed light from LEDsUV Vis and NIR
Optical density at 6 wavelengths375, 465, 525, 595, 625 and 860 nm
Optical density with 4 scattering angles180°/135°/90°/45°
Measurement rangeTurbidity prediction20 to 4,000 NTU
Absorbance measurement rangeAt least up to 4 AU, and 20000 NTU et 20000 NTU
Temperature measurement0°C to 85°C
Measuring conditionsContinuous temperature0°C to 70°C
Maximum temperature120°C for 30 min
pH range1 – 12 *
Integratable predictive models2 quantitative modelsPLS
Communication systemRS 485 linkAvec protocole MODBUS
MaterialSensor / measurement cell casingStainless steel 316L / PEEK and sapphire
Processing softwareS4LreadyConfigurable and parameterisable

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