Automated cell counter & cell viability analyser


Fully automatic high-throughput cell counter for parallel micro bioreactors, streamlining cell culture monitoring with rapid, precise measurements and sample preparation-free operation.

Last updated: July 6, 2023


Automated High-Throughput Cell Counter

The NORMA 4S is a cutting-edge cell counting solution designed specifically for high-throughput applications in parallel micro bioreactors. Based on lens-less technology, this fully automatic cell counter offers rapid and precise measurements of cell concentration and viability, all without compromising repeatability. With its compact design, sample preparation-free operation, and advanced features, the NORMA 4S streamlines cell culture monitoring and analysis, providing accurate results in a short amount of time.

The NORMA 4S comprises a refillable cartridge that can hold 36 4-chamber slides, allowing for a total of 144 samples to be processed. The cartridge automatically places a slide onto the sample area, enabling users to effortlessly deposit the sample and initiate the measurement process. After completion, the used slide is easily discarded, and a new slide is ready to receive the next set of samples.

Leveraging lens-less technology, the NORMA 4S captures the light diffraction properties of individual cells through hologram images, without the need for objective lenses or focus adjustments. Its advanced algorithm accurately counts and differentiates living and dead cells based on distinct holographic patterns. The measurement results are efficiently analysed using the HORUS software.

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Technical Specifications*
*Subject to change without notice
CellsMammalian cells
Concentration range10⁴-4.10⁷ cell/ml
Cell size range7-50 µm
Low sample volume3-13 µl
Number of samples4 samples/slide - 100 samples/box
Counting time15 seconds
Viability determinationLight diffraction
Image format.PNG / .BMP / .TIFF / .RAW / .AVI
Dimensions30 x 11,5 x 25 cm
Weight4 kg
EnclosureStainless steel, POM
Power supplyUSB + 24 V DC (110 - 240 V AC)
SoftwareHORUS Software
Pharmaceutical industries21 CFR part 11 & IQ/OQ

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