Biochemistry analyser


The 4BioCore is a high-quality, entry-level biochemistry analyser that boasts an impressive range of features to suit your laboratory’s needs. With a throughput of up to 150 tests per hour, you can rely on it to deliver fast and accurate results.

Last updated: April 27, 2023


Compact and reliable biochemistry analyser

We offer biochemistry analysers that allow for quick and simple determination of substrates, metabolites and products in cell culture and fermentation samples. The 4BioCore is the most compact, lightweight, durable and cost-effective option. This entry-level system is perfect for smaller laboratories that have high expectations in terms of quality.

The refrigerated samples and reagents carousel ensures that your samples and reagents are kept at an optimal temperature throughout the testing process. With 96 single-use cuvettes and four separate cuvette racks, the 4BioCore can handle a range of different tests and samples.

Measuring just 60x38x40 cm, the 4BioCore is compact enough to fit on your laboratory bench without taking up too much space. The capacitive liquid level sensor and needle shock sensor ensure that the analyser is reliable and easy to use.

The 4BioCore also features automatic barcode identification of reagents and samples, making it easy to track your samples and ensure that the correct reagents are being used. Reproducibility is guaranteed thanks to the proven photometric technology, which means that calibration frequency is kept low.

The analyser is also highly flexible, with measurement templates, parameter profiles and reactor IDs that can be easily adjusted to suit your laboratory’s needs. The user-friendly software and automatic sample dilution make it easy to operate, even for those new to biochemistry analysis. The 4BioCore also offers reliability and traceability, with lot tracking and barcoded reagents ensuring that your results can be easily traced and audited.

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Technical Specifications*
*Subject to change without notice
Size40 x 60 x 38 cm (H x D x W)
Weight20 kg
Measurement rates150 tests/hour for double reagent run
Maximum incubation + reading time: 750 seconds
Carry-over, lower than 15 parts per million
Reagents trayRemovable rack, refrigerated when on-board, 18+2 numbered positions
For reagent bottles of 15 mL, 2 positions are reserved for water and cleaning solution
Samples trayRemovable tray, refrigerated when on-board, 10 numbered positions, cups of 1.0 mL
Cups require a metal adapter for liquid level detection
Cuvette rotor reaction cells4 reaction segments of 24 cuvettes, single use, optical cuvettes, 96 in total
Optical path: 9.5 mm, reaction volume 275 - 500 μL
100 W heating resistance, temperature sensor
Sampling dilutionIn-needle dilution if allowed by method’s sample volumes
Automatic pre-dilution in a reaction cuvette, up to 1:100
Automatic test repetition with dilution
Sampling arm1 sampling needle, 75 mm needle stroke
Capacitive liquid level detector
External computerIndustrial Embedded PC
18-inch touch screen
Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB
USB port
ComputerIndustrial Embedded PC
Built-in 12.1-inch touch screen
Intel i5 / 8GB RAM, Windows 10 Enterprise
Combined SSD/HDD (128 / 500 GB)
PipettingVolume: 2 - 300 μl (sample), 2-350 μL (reagent)
Precision: 1.5 CV% at 2 μl; 1 CV% at 4 μL
Mixing by sample needle upon dispensation

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