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Portable dual-laser spectrometer


The DUPLA system is incredibly versatile and open to a wide range of applications due to the integration of multiple laser lines in a single device that doesn’t require any user manipulation.

Last updated: June 26, 2024


Multi-channel raman device

The DUPLA system’s long-term operational stability makes it the most appropriate companion for general material characterisation and reaction monitoring processes.

A single laser line may not be adequate, and multiple readings may be required. The DUPLA multichannel device offers adaptability when productivity and multipoint data access are essential because it does not require any user manipulation while in use. The device can be connected to two independent fibre probes, giving users the option of simultaneous or independent operation.

In addition to the standard standalone lab bench device in white, we also provide a rack version in black that can be mounted in a cabinet for industrial use.

Please note that for the DUPLA system to function, two independent fibre probes are needed. In addition, the DUPLA system cannot be used with the NEEGALA probe.

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Technical Specifications*
*Subject to change without notice
Laser Wavelength (nm)532 & 532 nm785 & 785 nm
Spectral Range200 ... 4400 cm-1200 ... 3000 cm-1
Spectral Raman Resolution (cm-1)7 cm-1 @ 2520 cm-15 cm-1 @ 968 cm-1
Max Laser Power (mW)80 mW300 mW
Adjustable LaserIn 10% stepsIn 1% steps
Operation2 individual probes (one per channel)
Fibres are 2m long
Optional Operation ModesSingle laser line
Spectrometer TypeCrossed Czerny Turner
Slit10 um
Unit CalibrationPermanent factory calibration under EUROPEAN CHARISMA protocols for standardisation
Spectral Stabilityσ/μ <1%
Size (WxDxL) (mm)310x310x160 (portable version)
430x430x180 (rack version)
Weight (Kg)15
Laser ClassificationClass 3b
NA Fibre0.22
Standard Spot Size100 um
Focal Length5 mm
Standard Working Distance5 mm
Detector TypeSi based CCD detector, TEC cooled to 14°C
2048 pixels, 14x200 um per pixel
Software ControlSpecSoft by ELODIZ under Windows 10/Windows 11, Linux (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS)
PC ConnectionEthernet/ USB 3.0

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