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Portable dual-laser spectrometer


The NEEGALA system is incredibly versatile and open to a wide range of applications due to the integration of multiple laser lines in a single device that doesn’t require any user manipulation.

Last updated: March 21, 2023


Multi-channel raman device

The system combines flexibility, functionality, and compact design with total control through software and enables data harmonisation across channels. To overcome the drawbacks of single-line portable or modular Raman units, it is composed of high-performance spectrometers and stable diode lasers that can operate in a variety of modes.

No matter how complex the application or analysis the device is to be used for, the user of traditional single-laser line products is limited to a preselected setup. With NEEGALA, which is much more than just a combination of two single-line units, this is not the case. Since multiple laser lines can be integrated into a single device without the need for user intervention, a wide range of applications that were previously only possible with bulky, lab-based research-grade Raman instruments are now possible with this incredibly versatile system. There is less chance of damaging the sample or the device because internal laser adjustment is not necessary.

The safety of operations is unmatched in the industry thanks to the optional use of a single fibre optic probe (NEEGALA probe) that enables the combination of two bilateral laser lines without signal interference and without the need for manual intervention to use either of the laser lines. The high wavelength line is used for higher resolution with a carefully balanced throughput of the spectrometers, whereas the short wavelength line’s wide spectral range provides a sizable spectral range.  To ensure a stable operation of the system, the laser power, spectral range, and signal to noise ratio are all carefully balanced between the 2 channels.

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Technical Specifications*
*Subject to change without notice
Laser Wavelength (nm)532 & 785 nm532 & 830 nm
Spectral Range532 nm: 200 ... 4400 cm-1
785 nm: 200 ... 3000 cm-1
532 nm: 200 ... 4400 cm-1
830 nm: 200 ... 2200 cm-1
Spectral Raman Resolution (cm-1)532 nm: 7 cm-1 @ 2520 cm-1
785 nm: 5 cm-1 @ 968 cm-1
532 nm: 7 cm-1 @ 2520 cm-1
830 nm: 5 cm-1 @ 968 cm-1
Max Laser Power (mW)532 nm: 80 mW
785 nm: 300 mW
532 nm: 80 mW
830 nm: 300 mW
Adjustable Laser532 nm - in 10% steps
785 nm – in 1% steps
532 nm - in 10% steps
830 nm – in 1% steps
OperationNEEGALA single fibre probe with 2 channels or 2 individual probes (one per channel)
Fibres are 2m long
Optional Operation ModesSingle laser line; synchronise mode; sequential mode; timing mode
Spectrometer TypeCrossed Czerny Turner
Slit10 um
Unit CalibrationPermanent factory calibration under EUROPEAN CHARISMA protocols for standardisation
Spectral Stabilityσ/μ <1%
Size (WxDxL) (mm)310x310x160 (portable version)
430x430x180 (rack version)
Weight (Kg)15
Laser ClassificationClass 3b
NA Fibre0.22
Standard Spot Size100 um
Focal Length5 mm
Standard Working Distance5 mm
Detector TypeSi based CCD detector, TEC cooled to 14°C
2048 pixels, 14x200 um per pixel
Software ControlSpecSoft by ELODIZ under Windows 10/Windows 11, Linux (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS)
PC ConnectionEthernet/ USB 3.0

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